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From House To Home: My Babe Cave

Welcome to my House To Home series of posts! One of my goals in creating my diary was to document our process of decorating and furnishing our new house. Mr. Right and I agree that we would set to work on completing our “office rooms” of the house first, since the work we do there is a small part of our income. Well, I am happy to say my room is complete and I’ve been enjoying it! Shoutout to NitraaB for all of her beautiful home decor ideas and inspiration <3

It took me awhile to really give this room a name as it has many usages. Half of the room is dedicated to my doll collection and all that goes a long with it. I have three different collections at the moment, but one in particular is where most of my YouTube content comes from…reborn dolls. When we set out to get our own place I was certain about having a room for my dolls that was set up like a realistic nursery…so that’s what I did! The other half of the room is dedicated to my beauty obsession and doubles as a workspace for my art. I knew I needed a desk and some sort of organization for not only my makeup, but my art supplies as well. I decided to go for Ikea pieces, like most beauty enthusiasts have. I love all the drawer space!

To pull the look together, I splurged and purchase a lighted Hollywood style mirror. This (aside from home appliances) is probably one of my most expensive purchases and I honestly don’t regret it. I will be doing a review on this in the future. Lastly, my beautiful tufted, white, faux leather chair! I knew I wanted something fashionable, yet comfortable since I’d be spending a lot of time here and I was happy to find just what I was looking for on Amazon.

Babe Cave Details

  1. Ikea Alex 5 Drawers (2) – Ikea – $89.99 ea. *

  2. Ikea Linmon Table Top – $47.99 *

  3. Glamour Mirrors 32 W x 28 H Mirror w/ Outlet – Etsy – $273 (after S/H)

  4. Modway Baronet Button Tufted Chair – Amazon – $119 (after tax w/Prime)

*Ikea now offers an option of 2 Alex drawer sets with Linmon table top for one low price, instead of separate purchase! Click here to view.

The only thing I am missing, is a full size rug for this room. I’d really like something baby pink to match the room, but I’m in no rush for that. Overall, I’m very happy with how this room came together and I feel so at home and inspired here! At some point, I will consider wall decor, but for now I am enjoying my girly pink and bare walls. As time goes on and I do more decorating, I’ll be sure to come back with another post for the Babe Cave!

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