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BookOutlet Review

It's very rare that I give ads on social media a second glance, unless it's a new movie trailer or TV show. However, one that I came across from a company called BookOutlet was hard to ignore. The ad boasted bestselling titles and New York Time's Top 100's for $5 or LESS! It sounded way too good to be true. I checked out the comments section on this Facebook ad, just to see if any "real humans" seemed to make legit claims, but it all seemed too good.

I headed to my favorite Facebook group, Bookworm Baddies, for opinions and I'm happy to say, my inquiry was met with a resounding YES, it is LEGIT! Enough said; I wasted no time in placing an order (or possibly three). I found BookOutlet at the right time as they were hosting a $5 sale on one of my preferred genre, Fiction & Romance. It was heaven on earth browsing brand new hardcover and paperback books for a mere $5.

BookOutlet is an online retailer of discounted books, located in Toronto, Canada. They offer a wide range of genres and formats from paperback adult novels to instructional audio/book combos for children learning to read. It's a great place to buy the titles you want to re-read or can't get a copy of at your local library.

My Shopping Experience

Shopping with this online retailer was honestly fun. Not only are the books deeply discounted, but the navigation and filter features allow for a streamlined browsing experience. You can whittle the selection down to exact kind of titles you're looking for, without clicking through a ton of pages on items you don't want. Putting in discount codes at checkout is easy,too.

Shipping & Delivery

Upon my first order, I didn't realize this, but BookOutlet is located in Canada. If you live in the USA or further abroad, be prepared for a 7-14 day timeframe from the placement of order to doorstep delivery. It is worth the wait, though and packages come secure and shrink wrapped. Shipping fee to the USA is standard $6.95 per order or free if you spend over $25.

The box opening experience for a haul of new books brings me joy! For the most part, all of my books have been in like-new condition, with the acceptation of my last order. A much-anticipated paperback copy of Before I Let Go came a bit dog eared with a corner torn off, however I did find a free hard copy book in my order that was a nice surprise gift.

Customer Service

In the event that you need customer service help, you can bet on quality service with BookOutlet. I accidentally added two copies of a title to my cart and didn't notice until after checkout. I called customer service to see if it could be removed and the fee refunded. They made no promises but offered to do their best in correcting the order during packing...and they did! The agent was helpful, friendly and offered other solutions in the event that the correction couldn't be made.

I've pretty much completed my wishlist of owned copies with BookOutlet and couldn't be happier. I've been telling anyone who'll listen about this site. You can use my referral link below to get $5 OFF your order of $25 or more. (Trust me, it's easy to spend $25 here and get all your faves)

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