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my sorority life

finding a life-long sisterhood

Hello and welcome to My Sorority Life. This section of my blog is dedicated to the experiences had and memories made as a collegiate in Greek Life. I wanted to document this part of my life, to not only look back on but to hopefully inspire and inform other women who are like me. Whether you’re curious about my unique sorority experience, or looking for insight as a potential new member, I hope you enjoy the read.

In this chapter I cover my discovery of Greek Life and what I learned through out my time researching Greek letter organizations, their membership processes and more.

A step-by-step recounting of my NPC (National Panhellenic Conference) sorority recruitment experience, from the viewpoint of a sorority girl hopeful. In this chapter I share what recruitment was like from each Rush party, up until the final sorority invite.

A telling of my experience and learning process of NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council) sorority membership. In this chapter I reveal the struggles of what it’s like to be a black greek and the trials associated with seeking membership in a BGLO (Black Greek Letter Organization).

My second experience with formal NPC sorority recruitment, what I improved on from my last Rush and finding my home in greek life.

In this chapter I share my time as a sorority pledge during the 6-8 week new member education process in preparation for initiation.

Sharing about my time spent being in a sorority, from the week-to-week activities to big philanthropic events and more.

In the last installment of My Sorority Life, I share what being a sorority woman after college is like for me.

not just for four years; it's for life...
or is it?

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