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Healthy living progress

Today marks 4 weeks that I have consecutively been in my healthy lifestyle change and I've never felt better! In my last post, I mentioned meeting with a dietician to get health advice in terms of diet and exercise. Through my employer, I was able to join a fitness program that will guide me through creating balanced meals and making healthier decisions. Last week, I had a fitness assessment which mainly went over my range of motion and ways that I can stretch and improve problematic areas. So far, I am pleased with the program and my progress that I am making. Weight loss was never truly my goal. I want to work towards feeling better mentally and physically. I would also like to be able to stop taking some of the prescribed medications that I am on.

In making a healthy change, I know the weight loss will naturally follow. One perk of the fitness program is that with continued progress, I am allowed the opportunity to receive weight loss medications (free or at a reduced rate), given that I continue my dietician appointments. After consideration, I realized it couldn't hurt to try them! This year I was diagnosed with insulin resistance, which could make it difficult for me to lose weight. Unfortunately, the medication that I take now to manage this condition will no longer be accessible to me (Ozempic), so I'll have to seek other options. One benefit of that medication was weight loss. So, adopting weight loss meds into the routine probably wouldn't be a bad idea. With weight loss, there is a possibility to reverse the insulin resistance (along with other ailments I have). So it's worth a try!

My latest fitness plan is 3 days a week of exercise. Last week, I felt under the weather and couldn't perform as much as I usually do, but this week I've more than made up for it by incorporating resistance training into my routine walking. Mr. Right has some weights at home that he likes to use, but I found those a little difficult for me (especially after tweaking my should a bit!) I like the fact that resistance bands use my own weight/force to exercise my muscles. They are also really easy to store and transport, which I love.

I found a set of elastic resistance bands, a set of resistance cords with handles (and ankle cuffs), a yoga band for stretching and a thick yoga mat for floor exercises; all on Amazon! Overall, I think I spent under $60 USD for everything. The items came in different color options too. I decided to go with purple since that has been my favorite color this year.

Items Purchased

So far, I enjoy using the new items and I really feel the difference in my muscles/flexibility. I've also found a few resistance band work out videos on YouTube to build an exercise playlist with. This Friday is my next check-in with the dietician. I can't wait to see what changes with the food plan!

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