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Happy 34th Birthday, Tamara!

My birthday was two days ago, on Thursday December 1st. The week leading up to it, I must admit, I was gloom and not looking forward to it at all. I didn’t expect it to be anything special; even moreso since it was a workday and I’d be staying late that day. However, I was pleasantly surprised to have felt appreciated, loved and special on my day. 🙂

Let’s backtrack to Thanksgiving holiday. Mr. Right and I spent it together; really low-key and stress free. Big Thanksgiving dinners was a tradition with his family and it brings good thoughts and warm fuzzy feelings for him, so I try and pitch in to create the big dinner he misses so much. Even though it was just as two he cooked enough for an army! We also ordered the turkey and some sides from our local grocers. The menu consisted of: Seafood gumbo, mustard greens, cornbread stuffing, green beans, baked macaroni and cheese, sweet potato casserole, vanilla bunt cake, and pecan pie with vanilla ice cream. Needless to say with feasted like royalty while counting our blessings. We didn’t house hop this year to extended family (like my brother’s and aunt’s homes). I was content to stay home since work has been busy for me and I’m always tired by week’s end.

Sporting my pink suit to work for my birthday! I’d been saving it for a special day. 🙂

Right after our Thanksgiving holiday my birthday was around the corner! I was pleasantly surprised when our event coordinator gave took me off the schedule of working the after-hours marketing event. We had plenty of volunteers and a solid Run of Show plan, so I wasn’t needed. I was so happy! My coworkers also celebrated my birthday with a lovely Blueberry Lemon cake, too. We have a system in place for celebrating workers’ birthdays. The previous month’s birthday person must purchase the next month’s birthday person’s cake. This tradition reminds me a lot of how King Cake works and finding the toy baby inside. 😛

When I got home after work Thursday night, Mr. Right had surprised me by (once again) cooking up a storm in the kitchen! A full dinner, with homemade dessert. Italian sausage pasta, homemade cheesy garlic bread, cheesy pizza bread, marinated steaks and a 3-tier snicker doodle cake with homemade caramel frosting. Everything was absolutely delish! We sat and ate while watching one of my favorite holiday movies: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the live action with Jim Carrey). It was a perfect day and I couldn’t have asked for more.

1.IDABOA ID42 Abacus 40% Keyboard in Veri Peri, 2. Sakura 40% Keycap set, 3. NovelKeys NK87 Entry edition in Blossom 4. CannonKeys NicePBT Beach Day keycaps, 5. Enchanted Forest Desk mat, 6. CannonKeys NicePBT Enchanted Forest keycaps, 7. AKKO Sakura linear switches, 8. AKKO Jelly pink linear switches, 9. AKKO Purple tactile switches, 10. AKKO Matcha Green tactile keycaps, 11. GK68 65% Mechanical keyboard in White, 12. Rust-o-leum Moss Green spray paint, 13. The Key Company Portico75 in Lavender Mechanical keyboard, 14. Cannonkeys NicePBT Hydrangea keycap set, 15. Nintendo Switch game Cult of the Lamb

The whole “birthday week” my Black Friday packages have been popping up in the mail as well. Mr. Right allowed me to buy a few things on his dime for my birthday, along with spending a bit of my own on Keyboard hobby goodies. I’m so excited to build some new boards for 2023!

One keyboard build in particular that I have been dreaming of building is a Portico75 Lavender from The Key Company with the dreamy premium keycap set NicePBT Hydrangea from CannonKeys. It’s been on my wishlist ever since discovering Mochi Marie’s YouTube channel on such kawaii cute builds. This keyboard had been out of stock for several months and made its debut again for Black Friday at an incredible price (from $139 to $59!) Mr. Right urged me to get it. CannonKeys had an awesome BOGO free sale. These deals were definitely worth waiting for, as keyboard parts can get pretty pricey.

I named my build, Birthday Cake to celebrate my big day.

I still have some Amazon keyboard things to show up as well as my first 40% layout keyboard from overseas yet to show up. I’m super excited for the IDOBAO ID42 Abacus to make its way home. It’ll be my first tiny keyboard. In the meantime, I put together another wishlist item that made it in the mail; the NovelKeys NK87 Entry Edition in Blossom. This one sports the CannonKeys NicePBT Beach Day keycap set. Soon, I’ll be changing the switches to some that match (and sound quieter!) than the NK Box Jades I currently had. For now, here’s how it looks.

For more details on all of the mechanical keyboard builds in my collection, check out my Keyboard Collection here.

I had a great birthday and 34 is off to a good start 🙂

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