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2020: The Year of Celebration

Happy New Year! I am feeling thankful an optimistic for this new decade. In all honesty 2019 was filled with a roller coaster of emotions and happenings, and holding steadfast for The Year of Gratitude, was hard for me to accomplish. I won’t be doing another Year End Review, because for some reason I can only see all the road blocks I had to overcome this year 🙁 However, I am not going to harp on the past; I can only move forward and do better in the future. Let’s talk about how I plan to make a better me and a better life!

A Celebration of Life

Health + Wellness: I’ve learned this past year that I shouldn’t take good health for granted. In the later part of 2019, I discovered some ugly truths about myself that went far beyond just exercise and healthy eating habits (which I totally bombed at!) I am realizing that my mental health is just as important. Soon, I’ll be visiting my primary care doctor to work out a plan on how to get me healthy, from head to toe!

Savings + Finances: If I learned anything in 2019, its that I absolutely must reign my finances in. Cutting back on frivolous spending in order to build up my personal savings is a goal of mine. Having a savings will give me and my family piece of mind when emergencies come up and wiggle room to enjoy other things when the spontaneous opportunity arrises.

My Diary Celebrates 1 Year!

Wow! Can you believe it has been one whole year since I launched Today Tamara Forever? I remember working non-stop on this website’s design and overall feel, in order to launch it in January 2019. I’m so proud in how it’s come along. It truly has been a beautiful place for me to come and share my thoughts; wether anyone reads or not. 🙂 I miss journaling, but doing it digitally is a lot easier on my schedule for now. This year, I’d like to implement a fresh new design, but I haven’t hammered out the details just yet. I know for sure I will be investing in another beautiful design from HelloYouDesigns and BlogPixie.

And that is pretty much it! Of course, I still have lots of other micro-goals for 2020, but I want to focus on celebrating all of life’s small victories. I am very much looking forward to saying I Do this year with Mr. Right and generally celebrating and being grateful for each and every day.

I wish all of you a blessed and prosperous New Year, whatever that means for you!

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